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Smoked scamorza “LIBERA”

Lactose free smoked scamorza has an intense and smoked flavour due to our natural smoking procedure with beechwood chips.


SHAPE Spheroidal
COLOUR Straw-yellow
CATEGORY Pasta filata (spun paste) cheese

Libera smoked scamorza is produced freshly with 100%Italian milk by our cheesemakers with total passion and care for tradition. Always with a lactose content which is low than 0,1%. Our scamorza is smoked using a traditional method, that is using beechwood chips. Its intense taste and the typical smoked flavour can be appreciated both on its own and also with other ingredients. Try it melted in a potato gateau or in an exquisite courgette risotto.

Highly digestible: Light on your stomach thanks to the division of lactose into galactose and glucose, two simple sugars that are highly assimilable.

100% Italian milk: Our smoked scamorza is produced with Italian milk only to show respect to the value of our tradition.

Source of proteins: Crucial for the growth and renewal of our tissues, proteins are about 20% of each scamorza.

No Lactose: The lactose content is less than 0,1 g in 100 g of product, Libera is the first scamorza on the market with these features.

Nutritional table

Average nutritional values for 100 gr

Energy 1152 kJ (278 kcal)
Fat 21,9 g
of which saturated fatty acids 13,4 g
Carbohydrates 0,5 g
of which sugar 0,5 g
Proteins 19,6 g
Salt 0,4 g

*Reference assumptions in an average adult

EAN code 8016325006308
Code of the article 50630
Ingredients pasteurized milk, rennet, salt, live cultures, aroma of smoke
Weight of a single product 185g
Packaging vacuum shrink film
Packed product Polystyrene, 10 pieces (1,85 kg)
Product life 60 days
Keep at < +4°
Layers on pallet 10
Height of the pallet 120 cm
Cartons per layer 12
Cartons per pallet 120
Dimensions of the carton 12x17x37 cm

Smoked scamorza “LIBERA”