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Butter “LIBERA”

Lactose free butter rich in omega 3, creamy and easy to spread: it is produced with fresh milk and is highly digestible by those intolerants to lactose.


SHAPE Rectangular
FLAVOUR Delicate
COLOUR from white to straw-yellow

Libera lactose free butter, rich in omega 3, is produced with fresh milk and made with an innovative system which allows to reduce the lactose content to a 0,1 g per 100 g of product without affecting its characteristic taste of milk cream. In order to obtain a lactose free butter which is both good and nutritious, we have chosen to use only the milk coming from cows that eat fresh forage and line seeds, which are rich in CLA and omega 3. Try its creamy texture on a slice of bread with jam: easy to spread, it provides an excellent quantity of vitamin A, ideal for children diet. You can also use it in sweet recipes: from cookies to cakes and tarts.

Rich in omega 3: It promotes the correct development of the cardiovascular and nervous system, also reducing the level of triglyceride in the blood.

Highly digestible: Light on your stomach thanks to the division of lactose into galactose and glucose, two simple sugars that are highly assimilable.

No Lactose: The lactose content is less than 0,1 g in 100 g of product, Libera is the first butter on the market with these features.

Nutritional table

Average nutritional values for 100 gr

Energy 3146 kJ (751 kcal)
Fat 83 g
of which saturated fatty acids 56 g
Carbohydrates 0,5 g
of which sugar 0,5 g
Proteins 0,5 g
Vitamin A 930 g (x% VNR*)
Salt 0,03 g

*Reference assumptions in an average adult

EAN code 8016325006407
Code of the article 5010640
Ingredients Pasteurized milk cream, lactic ferments
Weight of a single product 100g
Packaging Coated paper
Packed product Carton with 20 pieces (2 kg)
Product life 150 days
Keep at from +1° a +6°
Layers on pallet 10
Height of the pallet 150 cm
Cartons per layer 12
Cartons per pallet 120
Dimension of the carton 8,5x22x19,5 cm
Packing size 12x17x37 cm

Butter “LIBERA”