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Ready-to-cook scamorza “LIBERA”

Ready-to-cook scamorza is a disc of smoked scamorza naturally flavoured with beechwood chips smoke: perfect to eat warm cooked on a hotplate or in a pan.


SHAPE Round and flattened
FLAVOUR Intense and smoked
COLOUR straw-yellow
CATEGORY pasta filata (spun paste) fresh cheese

Ready-to-cook scamorza is a disc of smoked scamorza flavoured naturally with the smoke of beechwood chips. It has a round and flattened shape, with light lines on its surface. It is perfect to be cooked in a pan, on a hotplate or grilled. Its low lactose content, 0,1%, makes it highly digestible for all lactose intolerant people and not only them. With its unique excellence and authenticity, Ready-to-Cook scamorza provides also an important quantity of calcium and proteins, which is ideal for children’s diet as for adults. We advise you to try it in a bread roll instead of the usual hamburger.

Highly digestible: Light on your stomach thanks to the division of lactose into galactose and glucose, two simple sugars that are highly assimilable.

Rich in calcium: 100 g of scamorza provide 56% of the daily need of calcium, which is essential for the development and the health of bones and teeth.

Source of proteins: Crucial for the growth and renewal of our tissues, proteins are about 20% of each scamorza.

No Lactose: The lactose content is less than 0,1 g in 100 g of product, Libera is the first scamorza on the market with these features.

Nutritional table

Average nutritional values for 100 gr

Energy 1089 kJ (262 kcal)
Fat 19,0 g
of which saturated fatty acids 11,0 g
of which sugar 0,9 g
Proteins 22 g
Salt 2,0 g
Calcium 450 mg (56% VNR*)

*Reference assumptions in an average adult

EAN code 8016325004687
Code of the article 50468
Ingredients Latte pasteurized cow milk, salt, rennet, acidity regulator E330, lactase enzyme
Weight of a single product 100g
Packaging Sottovuoto termoretraibile
Packed product 20 pieces, 100 g each (2 kg)
Product life 30 days
Keep at < +4°
Layers on pallet 10
Height of the pallet 120 cm
Cartons per layer 12
Cartons per pallet 120
Dimension of the carton 12x17x37 cm

Ready-to-cook scamorza