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Lactose free Frosting for cupcakes

Cupcake frosting coating is used to decorate cupcakes or muffins with a sweet butter cream. You can add on top fruit, chocolate chips or even sugar sprinkles.
Here is our recipe to make a creamy, highly digestible and lactose free frosting coating using our Libera butter.

  • 4 peop.
  • 10 min.
  • Easy
Butter “LIBERA”
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  • 200 gr of “Libera” butter
  • 200 gr of icing sugar
  • 100 gr of strawberries
  • 4 cupcakes
  • Some mint leaves


  • 1Leave the butter out of the fridge until soft.
  • 2Put the butter and the sugar in a stand mixer and mix with an electric whisker.
  • 3Put all the mixture in a pastry bag with a medium nozzle and add the frosting on the four cupcakes.
  • 4Chop the strawberries and decorate the frosting adding the mint leaves at the end.